November 2023 PAINT-ALONG DEMO!

Instructor: Dawn Emerson  

Date & Time: November 18, 2023 from 9:00 – 12:00pm MST

Minimum 20 attendees 


Exploring the Endless Possibilities of PanPastels. 

Registration is now closed.  

This will be a unique Paint-Along Zoom Demo which will cover a specific product that offers an exciting and versatile way of creating paintings. And we are fortunate to have an instructor who is a leading expert in their endless possibilities.  

During this 3 hour zoom you are invited to join with Dawn Emerson as she shows you what PanPastels are, and how to use them alone or with stick pastels and mixed media. If you have them sitting in your closet, bring ’em on out and take them on a fun test drive– you won’t be disappointed! 

Dawn Emerson, author of Pastel Innovations, and has been using PanPastel in her mixed media/pastel work since they came on the scene. She used them at first to amend her monotype work, and has since discovered endless ways of layering them with oil, acrylic, oil pastels, and sumie ink. Dawn considers her studio to be a playground for problem solving and creativity. As a workshop instructor she hopes to inspire you with new ways of thinking about how you use pastels in your work–whatever your preferred style, subject, surface or experience level. 

Cost is only $20 per person! 

Open to member and non-members!