Tracy Wilson — Paint-Along Workshop Supply List

Pre-class instructions:

  1. Print the reference image
  2. Draw the reference image on the Uart paper so it is ready to go for class. Do not include the leafshapes in the initial drawing.
  3. Have Uart paper mounted (taped) to a board or other support and ready to go.
  4. Have two different small containers of isopropelyne alcohol ready.
What to Bring Description 
Printed copy of reference image  
Uart 400 Sanded Pastel Paper  8 x10 or 9 x12 will work for this painting 
Support for paper Foam board or masonite board work well as supports for the Uart paper. 
Draw reference image on the pastel paper so it is ready to go at the beginning of the lesson (do not include the leaf shapes in the initial drawing).   Tape the Uart paper to the support. 
Uart scraps This is for evaluating colors  
Pastels Soft Pastels (no oil pastels)  Good range of value and temperature for each of the following: Yellow, red, blue, green, orange, violet Several intense darks including black Several soft bright lights Range of hard and soft  Please look at the reference photo so you can anticipate the pastels to have available.  
Assortment of used brushes 1 or more brushes for wet application of dark values1 or more brushes for wet application of light values 1 or more brushes for “erasing” or removing pastel when needed (Note:  The sanded Uart paper will wear out brushes very quickly.  Use old brushes.  If you don’t have old brushes buy inexpensive new brushes.)    
70% isopropelyne alcohol and at least two small containers. This is for wet underpainting techniques.  I use small disposable tupperware or small jars for containers.   
Paper Towels For use when creating wet underpainting, testing color, and keeping clean. 
Foil  A section of foil can be places under your painting to catch pastel dust 
Hand held mirror This is handy for evaluating and problem solving 
Spray bottle with water  

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