Holly Wright

Wapiti Sunset
Wapiti Sunset

Calling Them In is one of the big 5 North American animals - Bull Elk. I felt drawn to represent each animal in a more personal setting. For Calling Them In I chose the image based on the fall Rut. This bull elk is calling in the cows and defending his harem. I wanted to represent his immensity through his large antlers and domination through his call. Pause and enjoy his magnificence! Holly

This Bull Elk is massive. I spend my falls in Yellowstone National Park and Estes Park Colorado. In Estes the bulls can be found in town corralling their harems. It’s fun to go out and photograph them on the golf course. An experience not to be missed. I felt the best representation of a bull elk was to focus on his guttural bugle and immense antler rack. This bull elk is calling in the cows and defending his harem. He would bugle for hours.

I painted this Elk when i was Artist-in-Residence at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu NM.

18” x 24”
A Friend
A Friend

I love jackrabbits. I was 2 days old when I got my first stuffed rabbit. At about age 2 I named her "BunBuns". She went everywhere with me. I still have her today. So I guess you could say I have always favored rabbits. It wasn't until I headed out west; the southwest that is that I saw my first Jackrabbit. I was hooked. Those long ears, the fast speed and how well they evade the predator coyote is impressive. I often get asked why a Jackrabbit. I guess I can see myself in it. Kind of a totem. I think the hare endures as i have in my life.

This is one of my favorite jackrabbits. She came out of my head one day. Just the friendliest little hare. She really is glad to see you. If you look carefully her eyes follow you around the room. This can be seen by the 3' x 6' giclee I have in my home. The original was a gift to my family member and resides in Texas.

I have professional photos taken of all my art so I can blow them up big enough to fill a wall. This life size canvas print ( 22” x 33”) looks great over a fireplace or in a dining room.

This is a 22” x 33” Limited Edition giclees (canvas print) or print*. I am only using this image 100 times. Afterwards, this little gem will be gone.

The giclee is signed by me the artist! It comes with a certificate of authenticity and my sincere gratitude for loving her as much as I do!

For those looking for larger sizing or different formats please contact me!

22” x 33” ratio

This is what happened when, one day, i woke up with attitude. I thought lets paint a jackrabbit with big ears on large (24" x 36") pastel board. I wanted a strong, bold hare that wasn't going to take shit off of no-one! Raised eyebrows, directly looking at the viewer, who's eyes would follow you around the room saying "Ive got my eyes on You!"

I'm more of the happy to see people kind of gal. Really! Just some times life pushes and I was in a mood to push back.

"Franklin" is really named after my old rooster; whom I acquired at the Denver chicken swap in 2017. Yes Denver has a chicken swap every month. Its a long story....involved 13 aggressive roosters and a head trauma. I digress.

So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the studio. I started with those big ears and then the outline. On this particular painting I put in the eyes in next. The rest of him was the work of my genius, not me. IT all just fell together at the end with those raised eyebrows; that attitude!

You are purchasing a legend. This Limited Edition (100) 24" x 36" Giclee of "Franklin" will be signed by ME along with a certificate of authenticity and my gratitude!

I wish you the best of your own personal journey in life. May you find your inner Franklin.


24” x 36”