Details for paint-along demo with Dawn Emerson Nov. 18th, 2023

Zoom Meeting

Time: Nov 18, 2023 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 875 1356 8892

Passcode: 692660

Materials List

These are the materials I’ll be introducing you to via zoom. 

I will show you different ways I use different mediums to layer PanPastels, but don’t expect that you will have all of the stuff I use at the ready. Use what you have or purchase after you see what you are intrigued by. 


I will be using the Dawn Emerson 40 PanPastel color set (available through Jerry’s Artarama and Dakota Pastels. Whatever colors you have are fine, but if you have none and want to get the feeling of them, I’d suggest you purchase the the “Beginner Painting set of 5 colors it has the Primaries +Black and White  or the “Set of 12 PanPastels I’ve asked Dakota Pastels to carry, colors listed below. 

The set of 12 includes the following colors:

Primaries: Hansa Yellow #220.5, Permanent Red: #340.5, Ultramarine Blue: #520.5

Secondaries: Orange #280.5, Permanent Green #640.5, Violet #470.5

Tertiaries: Diarylide Yellow # 250.5, Turquoise #580.5, Magenta #430.5

For Tints:  TitaniumWhite #100.5

For Shades: Black: #800.5

Colorless Blender Medium


I use the largest applicator, called the FLAT angle slice sponge applicator (comes in a package of 2 sponges). Any of the sponge bar applicators is fine. Note: These SOFFT sponges are made specifically for the PanPastels, and are not the same as cosmetic sponges. 

STICK PASTELS: small travel size collection soft stick pastels (I use Great American, Blue Earth, Diane Townsend Terrages)

PAPER: any printmaking paper or smooth white sketch paper with a smooth surface ie., Strathmore 300Printmaking Series, Stonehendge, Rives BFK, Arnheim 1618,  Arches 88, etc.

PanPastels will go on any surface from the thinnest napkin layer, to sanded surfaces of all kinds. For the demo, even photocopy paper will work! Please have several pieces available.

‘Sumie ink and a 1” flat brush

White and Black Water Mixable Oil

Soft rubber brayer (ie,. Speedball) 2-4” wide

Palette paper or piece of glass or plexiglas to roll out the oil 

Flat Razor Blade

Thin Pattern stencil (grid, circles, etc.)

Paper Towels and masking tape