Susan Smith

Nothing is more inspiring to me than experiencing firsthand the beauty of form, color, and light in the natural world. I use a style that is primarily representational to communicate what I see and love in nature. The subjects of my pastel landscapes are mostly from Colorado and the southwest. I am always searching for those "sweet spots", the ones that move me to pause and let that place speak to me. This thrill of discovery is what inspires me to paint. These are the places where I can lose myself and where I feel most at home in the world.

After loosely drawing the basic composition with a hard pastel on sanded paper, I begin by establishing the main shapes and values/areas of light and shadow. I use a variety of pastel brands as I work to capture as much information from the scene as I can in the time available. My painting may be complete after a plein air session, I may finish it later in the studio, or use it as a study for a larger painting. I always take photographs of the area so when conditions change I can refer to them in order to keep my original idea. Using strong compositional skills I draw my viewer into the work, bringing them to their own place of discovery, a space where they can also pause for a moment and lose themselves in the wonder and beauty of a specific place and time.


PHONE: 720-312-2616
ADDRESS: 4750 S Dudley St Apt 26, Littleton, CO


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